How I Earn $10K+ Every Month by Creating Simple Video Content for Amazon

with Kathleen Kobel and her 15 years of experience selling on Amazon


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When I think about going back to being a service provider and trading my hours for dollars...I cringe. Hard.

Working long hours and always feeling like there was so much more to do was happening way too much...and finally I'd had enough.

At the end of 2021, I was burned out, tired and needed a way to start a new income stream that could be both passive and bring in recurring revenue.

So I looked around to see what I could find and low and behold....I discovered the BEST way to make money on Amazon yet!

What if I told you that I’ve made over $200K over the past year and a half creating product based video content for Amazon?

And the best part about it, is that you create the content and Amazon does the marketing for you, so it sells for you over and over again.

I've learned a lot throughout my time as a high earning Amazon Influencer and I'm going to show you exactly how I did it. Sign up for my master class here.

You're allowed to earn easy money making content you enjoy creating.


The Opportunity Explained

What is the Amazon Influencer program and how do you actually earn money? (Hint: It's so much easier than you think.)

How to Start

How to apply for the program and what to do if you're not accepted right away.

Earn On Site Commissions

Everything you need to know to get approved for Amazon's on-site commissions so you can create the content while they do the marketing.

Your Influencer Storefront

The anatomy of this amazing asset and how to best structure your content for higher order conversions.

Find the Top Earning Products

How to choose the right products to create videos for and exactly what Amazon wants you to include in your videos (or not include) to get the customer to buy.

Upkeep & Maintenance

This is why we call it semi-passive recurring revenue. I'll share my exact process to check on old videos to ensure they're earning and what to do if they're not.

The Rules & Regulations

You don't need to down the Amazon rabbit hole, because I'm going to tell you all the DO's and DON'Ts to ensure your account never gets banned.

The System that Earns

The exact system I've created to earn thousands of dollars in recurring revenue every single month - no matter how many new videos I create.

This class is for you if...

  • You want to create a semi-passive recurring income stream that pays you $2K-$10K+ every month by helping online shoppers make informed purchase decisions.
  • You love shopping for the best items on Amazon and don't mind sharing your feedback on camera about the products you use.
  • You're ready to earn 6 figures as a content creator on Amazon, but just need some guidance and a proven system to get there. 

Don't Miss this Masterclass

Not sure about this? I've got a story for you...

When I first discovered the Amazon Influencer program, I called up many up my closest friends and told them about this opportunity I'd found that seemed too good to be true.

After learning the rules and figuring out how to create good video content, I was hooked. I watch my earnings quickly double, triple and quadruple month over month and I knew needed to devote more time and energy to this newfound income stream.

Since getting approved for on-site commission in December 2021, I've earned over $200K and taught dozens of people how to get started and scale their earnings by creating quick videos about their experience with products available on Amazon.

After analyzing my data and creating a plan to maximize my earnings, I invested some of my profits into a studio condo space downtown where I've furnished it completely with products purchased from Amazon.

Now I have a place to work, relax and continue to generate income that pays me over again each month.

I had no idea how to create good, quality content about products I use before I started this program. But I've created a system that now earns me recurring revenue so I can finally stop trading hours for dollars and build the wealth I've been dreaming about for years!

So... are you in?