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After 3 years as an Amazon Influencer, and over $250,000 in earnings, Kathleen has utilized her Amazon skills to create a system that allows influencers to earn quickly by creating honest, quality content reviewing products they use and love.

Now she’s sharing her six-figure content creation system with you.

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About Kathleen

An Amazon seller and consultant since 2009, Kathleen has sold over $100M in products and helped more than 1,000 launch and grow their businesses on Amazon. 

But after many years of working long hours and always feeling like there was too much to do, she knew she needed a change…

So she decided to find a new income stream that could be both passive and bring in recurring revenue.

This is when she discovered the Amazon Influencer program.

After learning the rules and figuring out how to create good video content, she watched her earnings quickly double, triple and quadruple month over month and quickly knew she needed to devote more time and energy to this newfound income stream.

After 2 years and $200,000 in earnings, Kathleen has been able to utilize her Amazon seller skills to create a system that earns quickly by creating honest quality content reviewing products she uses and loves.

Now she’s teaching her six figure content creation system to you, if you’re ready to learn (and earn!).


“I had applied for the Influencer program at least half a dozen times before signing up for this course.
I skeptically did exactly what Kathleen said- posted daily on TikTok for 5 days and applied again.
I figured I’d have to do this at least a few times or get my numbers up significantly before it actually worked. But… Holy cow! I’m in!
Now on to film my first 3 videos! 🎉🎉🎉.”  – Anne Tipton

“The Influence and Earn course was so helpful for me and taught me valuable lessons and skills despite being in the Amazon influencer program for almost a year prior to taking the course. I had also taken 3-4 Amazon influencer courses before and found that Kathleen took more time going into fair greater details and knowledge of the program! I’m super grateful for this course and happy to report I have been able to scale my business to 3-5k a month and my highest month reaching almost 10k in a single month!” – Ben Phair

“I’m having so much fun and my commissions are going up every day since I was approved – I think it’s so awesome and without your guidance and course I don’t think I would be doing as well as I am.” – Gigi Golato 

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