Kathleen Kobel

Amazon Seller, Consultant & Influencer

Helping you skyrocket your earnings on Amazon

~Amazon Influencer & Trailblazer 

Venturing beyond traditional boundaries, Kathleen’s prowess extends to the Amazon Influencer program. Her genuine passion for products and authentic storytelling shines through her engaging content. As a trusted influencer, she curates a personalized shopping experience for her dedicated audience, connecting them with products that align with their lifestyle and aspirations. And now she’s teaching other entrepreneurs to do the same! 

Kathleen’s Story

Kathleen Kobel is an Amazon selling expert with 15 years of experience elevating brands through strategic selling and consulting on the platform.

After launching and growing over 1,000 brands on Amazon she has utilized those skills to become a dynamic force with the Amazon Influencer program.

Kathleen not only connects authentically with Amazon brands and customers through curated content but also teaches others how to earn big by creating product videos for Amazon. She is your go-to partner for navigating and thriving in the competitive e-commerce landscape of Amazon.

Whether you’re a seller, an influencer or just getting started making money online, Kathleen can show you how to earn the money you desire so you can have the freedom you deserve.

How She Can Help

Learn to Become a High-Earning Amazon Influencer

After 3 years as an Amazon Influencer, and over $250,000 in earnings, Kathleen has utilized her Amazon skills to create a system that allows influencers to earn quickly by creating honest, quality content reviewing products they use and love. Click HERE to learn more.

Looking for an Influencer to Promote Your Product?

Kathleen’s exclusive database is designed to bridge the gap between Amazon sellers and influencers, creating unparalleled opportunities for growth and prosperity. Click HERE for more information. 

Hire Kathleen to Train your Team or Speak at Your Event

With over 15 years of experience as a seller, consultant and influencer, Kathleen would be thrilled to speak at your corporate event or help you to train your team on all things Amazon. Click HERE to connect with Kathleen. 

“Kathleen’s commitment to excellence is underpinned by her insatiable curiosity. She stays ahead of the curve by staying current with the latest e-commerce trends, algorithm changes, and customer behaviors. Her thought leadership is evidenced by her speaking engagements at industry conferences and her contributions to reputable publications.”

Influence & Earn

When Kathleen first discovered the Amazon Influencer program, she called up many of her closest friends and told them about this opportunity she’d found that seemed too good to be true.
After learning the rules and figuring out how to create good video content, she was hooked. She watched her earnings quickly double, triple and quadruple month over month and knew she needed to devote more time and energy to this newfound income stream.
Since getting approved for on-site commission in December 2021, she’s earned over $250K and taught dozens of people how to get started and scale their earnings by creating quick videos about their experience with products available on Amazon.
After analyzing her data and creating a plan to maximize her earnings, Kathleen invested some of her profits into a studio condo space downtown, which she furnished completely with products purchased from Amazon. Now she has a place to work, relax and continue to generate income that pays her over and over again each month.
Before starting this program, Kathleen had no idea how to create good, quality content about products she purchased from Amazon. Now she’s created a system that earns her recurring revenue so she can finally stop trading hours for dollars and build the wealth she’s been dreaming about for years!
And she’s ready to share that system with you!
If you’re ready to learn from Kathleen’s experience and expertise, click here.