How the Influence and Earn course has helped Amazon Influencers expand and grow their businesses

The Influence and Earn course was so helpful for me and taught me valuable lessons and skills despite being in the Amazon influencer program for almost a year prior to taking the course. I had also taken 3-4 Amazon influencer courses before and found that Kathleen took more time going into far greater details and knowledge of the program! I’m super grateful for this course and happy to report I have been able to scale my business to 3-5k a month with my highest month reaching almost 10k in a single month!

- Ben Phair

Holy cow! I’m in! Now on to film my first 3 videos!”

“I had applied for the Influencer program at least half a dozen times before signing up for this course. I skeptically did exactly what Kathleen said – posted daily on TikTok for 5 days and applied again. I figured I’d have to do this at least a few times or get my numbers up significantly before it actually worked. But… Holy cow! I’m in! Now on to film my first 3 videos!”

~Anne Tipton

Diving into the Amazon Influencer Program felt like stepping into unknown territory for me. Before discovering Kathleen Kobel’s “Influence and Earn,” I had the idea of setting up my own Amazon Storefront but, honestly, had no clue how to make it happen. The whole process of getting approved as an influencer and then for on-site commissions seemed like a giant puzzle. It was tough, and from what I saw, a lot of people were just as lost as I was. But then, Kathleen’s program was a game-changer. Her steps were super clear—like following a recipe that you know will turn out great. She made what looked like a complex process feel extremely doable. I saw others struggling to get where I got smoothly, thanks to her guidance. Now, I’m an approved Influencer, making commissions and exploring ways to boost my income, all thanks to Kathleen. She’s not holding anything back; she’s giving us all the goods, all the insights she’s got. If you’re thinking about jumping into the Amazon Influencer Program and want a straight-up, no-mystery guide to getting it right, Kathleen’s your go-to. Her “Influence and Earn” program is top-notch. It’s like having a friend in the business showing you the ropes. I highly recommend it if you’re looking to get into this and actually see some REAL results.

Joella Bower

Influencer and successful student of the Influence and Earn Course

Gigi Golato explains why this program was so beneficial for her.

“Today is celebration day! Commissions have now surpassed the cost of the course. So from today forward, it’s all profit” (results from 1/13/24-2/26).

- Neal K.

“Love this program. Thank you, Kathleen. Got approved on my first try using your information in the course. ♥♥♥ Thank you.”

- Judie P.

Joella Bower shares her journey with the Amazon Influencer program with the help of our “Influence and Earn” program.

This course is the absolute best!

“This course is the absolute best, and Kathleen is SO good at what she does. She is a successful Amazon influencer herself, and has loads of experience as both a seller and an Amazon consultant as well. If you’re on the fence, don’t hesitate. It will help you level up your business and provide you with the tools you need to be a successful Amazon influencer.”
~Melissa K.

I have gotten more than I ever expected from the Influence and Earn program, and it keeps on giving. I followed the process laid out in the modules, utilized the amazing community Kathleen has established and found out today, I was approved for onsite commission! It would not have happened for me without the knowledge and support, I’ve gotten from this program. Forever grateful!

- Maggie A.


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“I just got accepted [into the Amazon influencer program] and I’m so excited, I’m almost hyperventilating! smilesmilesmile

- Aubrey M.

“I’m totally LOVING the course!”

~Maria M.

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